COVID-19 Testing in Skilled Nursing Facilities

By mid-March 2020, it was clear COVID-19 was affecting skilled nursing facility residents at higher rates than other communities. In an effort to protect this vulnerable population, Mayo Clinic decided to test skilled nursing facility residents in their homes instead of having them travel to be tested. In today’s episode, Eva Fjerstad interviews Emily Bloomquist, Management Engineering & Consulting Project Manager, about how this multidisciplinary and complex process went from concept to deployment in less than a week. 

Emergency Telemedicine

Emergency Medicine TeleHealth is a growing and maturing platform designed to lower the overall cost of care by assessing the patient’s needs and coordinating the right care, at the right time, in the right location. Learn about the major steps involved in planning and development of Mayo Clinic’s EM Telehealth program to connect world-class, board-certified EM physicians with patients at remote facilities through video platforms to provide acute care diagnostics, procedures, pharmacotherapies, and disposition services in a cost-effective manner. Our speakers include Dr. Christopher Russi and Prerna Dean, Senior Health Systems Engineer as well as our host, Tony Chihak.

Expanded Contact (COVID) Tracing

Medical experts consider expanded contact tracing a critical component of dealing with the Corona Virus.   As we battle Covid-19 worldwide, Mayo Clinic has been racing to develop advanced tools for contact tracing. Today’s speaker, Megan Rensing, Health Systems Engineer, discusses a project resulting in an advanced contact tracing system in use at Mayo Clinic.